Arabia Mountain Photoshoot

A Night at Arabia Mountain

This is my new favorite session. It was everything I didn’t expect, yet it was amazing.

Arabia Mountain Photoshoot

This is my dear friend Naomi, who is also another photographer (Naomi Chernowski Photography). We took a road trip all the way from Athens to Arabia Mountain in Lithonia, it was only a little bit over an hour. Yet during that hour, we talked about everything under the sun and found rest in each other by just pouring out our hearts. It was so special and a much needed time with a friend.

Then we got to Arabia Mountain — and the lot was completely full. We had to drive a little bit down the road and park in a lot that was almost a mile away. We started walking on the first trail we found, but unfortunately it was the wrong trail. The time is ticking and the sun was reaching the horizon.

Arabia Mountain Photoshoot

However, when the mountain was in sight we were in AWE. We were no longer in Georgia, we were transported to a whole other world.

The creativity FLOWED from us. We danced to the sound of the shutter going off on our cameras and felt complete freedom while the sun slowly dipped below sight. It was surreal.

Naomi allowed me to be creative and listened to all of my visions. Not only were the results aesthetically pleasing and artistic, having this time with one of my longtime friends was the best night ever.

I hope you can feel the joy through these photos because this is a session to remember. If you want to see more, I encourage you to see the pictures that Naomi took of me on her instagram here.

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