Although I was born in California, I grew up in Marietta, GA and I'm now a student studying Biology at the University of Georgia in Athens.

I have always been a creative person, but through photography I get to share that with you. I love capturing people's personalities in photos and celebrating your achievements. Specifically, I love photographing portraits, couples, elopement, and small, intimate weddings.

Besides photography, I love spending time outdoors so if you know the awesome hiking spots in Georgia, I'd LOVE to talk about them! My other job is working in childcare. I also love fashion and sustainable shopping, so I'm always down to talk about your outfits. I would say 99% of the time, my whole outfit is bought secondhand (just like in that photo).

Above all, I embrace everybody and their unique qualities and you'll always be welcomed with open arms. We are simply bound to get along so don't be afraid to reach out to me!

this is me: shaelin

it's so nice to meet you!

here's some fast facts about me!



do i have pets?

dream vacation

I'm a 2w3. I love enneagram, so please talk to me about yours!

I have 4 cats. I guess you could call me a cat person.

I'm an ENFP, what you might call a "free spirit."

A cross country road trip to visit all the national parks in Utah... now taking applications for travel partners!

and this is me in some of my favorite places...

between the hedges

the beach at sunset

hiking... anywhere!

at home

I LOVE my school!

the most peaceful place ever

probably my favorie activity

let's be honest... I'm a true ambivert!

I'm ready to meet you!

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